Calder Brezina
2 min readDec 16, 2020



Aloha Calder Gamedevhq intern here with another article about the daily grind and what fun adventures await me today

another day another thing to fixso is implementing some more sounds into my game for the game audio portion of the course when I realized my main menu wasn't calling my game scene anymore so of course naturally in this line of work you've got to just go back and revise what's not working and what you did wrong and so far I haven't been able to find anything my code is all still in the same place everything still attached in the same areas so naturally I'm assuming it's something small that needs to either be placed somewhere else or type differently.

I had to say that with the things I have learned so far I could implement almost any kind of audio I can make cat meow noises as my gunfire sound and it would still work at least in terms of it being implemented not the terms of it being immersive post-processing is awesome though to really make your game pop I've been messing around with it all day and I think I finally got into in a setting that I really want I might want to try their effects though and see what else I can pop off with it

well folks that's it for my article I was hoping to have gifs and stuff to show but until I get to a point where I'm almost out of game I think I'll wait on gifs
have a good night everybody

Aloha Calder