Calder Brezina
2 min readDec 27, 2020

DAY 42 43

Aloha Calder Gamedevhq intern here with another article about the daily grind.

set time again I'm also just spent the day with messing around with my little experiments tightened up my game mechanics a bit yes before anyone thinks about it or asks yes I still have lag but hopefully next week I'll order my computer and I have a better computer to work with but I tightened up my enemy script a bit for one of the explosions now don't take away an extra life if you run into them like if you kill the enemy the explosion animation doesn't give you damage so that was nice game audio and the cool yet funny things you can do with it if you're really really put your mind to it and your imaginations there you can do pretty much anything see the biggest problem though is when you're dealing with imagery and sound in this case a laser so yeah you know that whole faster than speed of light thing yeah that thing that whole variable and thought process.

well I hope everyone's Christmas was good mine was all right I stayed home and worked in my game watching tutorial videos on some different styles of coding or more or less I should say different tactics that people use for their coding ideas I've also beenplaying a few simple games on my phone to kind of get a good idea of what kind of a game I'd like to make for an Android or an iOS iPhone.

well folks that's it for my article kind of bummed that her program is ending but hopefully it's only an intermission and we can come back but still cool that we can keep the courses and continue to work on them.

Aloha Calder