Calder Brezina
2 min readDec 24, 2020


Aloha Calder Gamedevhq intern here with another article about the daily grind.

how's it going folks it's that time again debugging with a little bit of experimenting as much as I was yesterday but some experimenting mostly debugging that's what I mostly find myself doing now I put something new in something else doesn't work have to take it out put something else new in so I'm getting there it's Wednesday so can't say there's much hope for the program but we'll see I'm hoping that will be continued for the next year but I will still be here folks uploading my daily articles this was a little late but I was up all night debugging so hope you can all understand.

Christmas Eve plans probably going to do more debugging definitely do a lot of the game development though don't need to experiment anymore I just need to get through this course for myself then I'll feel a lot better about what I've learned what I've accomplished then if the program doesn't continue I'm going to go for the app entrepreneur expedition course that's just my fancy way of what I call it should be a fun thing to learn making apps for businesses could be another career choice that I might want to look into to find my ever learning coding career.

well folks that's just my article it's Christmas Eve now as I'm writing this but this is for the day of the 23rd not 24th I'll be writing an article for the 24th later today I love you all have a good Christmas Eve and a good Christmas.

Aloha Calder