Calder Brezina
2 min readDec 22, 2020


Aloha Calder Gamedevhq intern here with another article about the daily grind and what it has taken to get to today

how's it going everybody so another day for another article so I wanted to say that I fixed my problem but I've kind of just decided to move past it until I have to absolutely 100% get it all the way out of my path cuz this is taking up too much time and I'm so close to just being done with the sound that I'm pretty much could start doing the project building so today I made it all the way to the end of the section of the course and I'm just going to keep moving forward and hope that my computer won't crash again.

depending on how the program continues or not after it was 2D I might go straight for app building Enterprise just to really get into that and see what I can do with that I've been looking a little bit into it already and it seems like something I could really get down more easily not that I would want it to be my full profession I wanted to get into more bigger 3D games but it still looks like a nice start to have in my arsenal of knowledge but first I got to get through this TV course and I mean if the program does continue I will definitely do 2.5 but I want to really get to the app exploration that that looks really interesting and something I've been also interested in for a recent minute.

anyways folks that's it for my article starting tomorrow I'm definitely be more productive than being stuck on this problem I'm also been trying to handle it myself but I really have to pull out the big guns and ask the big experts.

Aloha Calder