Calder Brezina
1 min readDec 19, 2020



Aloha Calder Gamedevhq intern here with another article about the daily grind and what not but this has been a big minding and killing day.

so today I spent most of my time in my scripts searching for bugs and wow did I find a bunch I was so bad yesterday that it was causing my computer to completely crash down and shut off at first thought was my computer cuz my computer's been experiencing a lot of problems but turns out it's just my scripts cause my computer to have a seizure it's slowly getting better but I still haven't found everything quite yet I thought I had debugged a lot of these things but I guess adding more stuff you just got to keep debugging no matter what you do.

I am getting farther into the game audio and soon I'll be building my project this is kind of just been more of me spending like 15 hours a day trying to fix my problems so I can continue on cuz I'm so close to being done that I could probably start on the 2D.5 course my next month so we'll see what happens the next few days this weekend will definitely be more bug killing and catching so wish me luck for it is a strenuous journey.

anyways folks that's it my daily article see you all tomorrow I'm the pm and hopefully it's a good fun journey in the day and just maybe I'll be far along the course.

Aloha Calder